Bullying Essay

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You are fat. You are ugly. You are worthless. Just stop it, leave him alone. Why are you doing this to him, he doesn't like it. It is amazing to see how a voice can change a person's world so drastically. A voice can be beautiful thing, with unknown powers that can wreak havoc or bring joy. A voice has the power to change the world. What does it mean to change the world? Something so huge, filled with 7 billion people, living on 6 continents, in 196 countries seems impossible to change. But lets think more in depth about the world, the term is used so often amongst us ever since we were little you never think about what it means. When I think of the world I don't think of the world we live on, I think of my world, like every individual has a world of their own. Everything from the bed we sleep on every night to the school we go to everyday to the team we play on is a part of our individual and unique worlds. Now that it seems a little more in-context I'm going to ask you again: How can your voice change the world? Not only the voice you speak with but the actions that come with it can have an immense impact on other peoples world. How you use it is up to you. Bullying goes on everyday and it has gotten to the point that is killing people all over the nation. It is changing schools and is lowering so many peoples self-confidence and self-esteem. It has reached a point where movies, commercials, seminars, and more are shown or held across the nation to put an end to bullying. It has gotten to the point that we call it an epidemic. But there is a solution; a solution that is so simple, for something so nasty and atrocious, that does not require more effort than some courage and a few words. Speak up. You do it everyday in class, you do it every day with your friends, you do it every day at home and when this action can become of great use it becomes a sort of no

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