Bullying Essay

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Over time everyone has encountered a bullying experience, whether they are the victim, bully, or witnessed the incident. Bullying has increased among children and adolescents. Such behavior can have a negative consequence for the victims and bullies as well. Victims of bullying experience suffering that interfere with social and emotional development as well as scholastic performance. According to van Goethem, Scholte, and Wiers (2010) “School bullying is a large societal problem and is already evident among primary school children. Studies on this population show that 3-27% are bullied once a week or more” (p. 1). A plethora of victims avoid attending school to defer from humiliation, intimidation, or harassment in front of their peers. In fact, according to research carried out by the National Education Association, it was projected that around 160,000 children skip schooling every day because of anxiety about violence or bullying. This does not just impact a child’s scholastic improvement, it stunts learning entirely. Children miss the opportunity on important learning experiences, much-needed interaction with individuals in class, and also diminishes the time that they commit in school, which would have been useful for them to grow more confident with their surroundings. Bullies thrive on dominating or controlling others. They have often been the victims of physical abuse or bullying themselves. In many occasions the victims fit a profile. Targets are often passive, easily intimidated, or have few friends. Bullying can be different depending on gender. Male bullies use physical intimidation or threats, regardless of the gender of their victims. Female bullies are often more verbal than physical. A victim can be bullied because of looks, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. With technology vastly advancing, bullying is not only done in person but also

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