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We all know that now more than ever, bullying is a serious and sometimes deadly issue. Thanks to today’s technology the information about just how dangerous bullying can be to children, is readily available. Even with the availability of information, bullying continues to be a dangerous trend in and out of schools. Some schools are creating awareness programs about bullying and self-esteem. While this is a very good thing, we can see now that even more effort needs to be made to keep kids safe from one another. This research paper will cover three key problems that bullying can lead to, low-self esteem by feeling victimized, depression, and suicide; the effects of bullying. Self-esteem is defined as a noun meaning “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself or an inordinately or exaggeratedly favorable impression of oneself.” (Dictionary.com) this can have many different interpretations. Almost everyone has heard of the terms high self-esteem and low self-esteem. Most people know that a person with high self-esteem thinks highly of themselves and a person with low self-esteem thinks very low of themselves. Low self-esteem is pretty common. One out of every four adults suffers from a psychological disorder and low self-esteem is the underlying factor in most of them. Low self-esteem can be a temporary or permanent thing. It is up to the person to change how they see themselves and if they are willing to correct this behavior Millions of youth in the United States are involved in some aspect of bullying behavior. Studies show that between 15-25% of U.S. students are bullied with some frequency, while 15-20% report they bully others with some frequency (Nansel, 2001). Increasing rates of youth violence, including horrific violent school events, have brought national attention upon the

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