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Bullying in school Throughout the decades, bullying has grown to be a more serious problem found in schools today. The bullies today have these three things in common, abuse, financial issues and self-esteem. These problems faced in a student’s life can help greaten the possibility bullying. First, abuse plays a big role in why students today are taking the choice of bullying other students in school. At home they may be looked at different then how they are at school. At home they are most likely the smaller and weaker person of the house and are threatened by a more dominant individual, brother, sister or even the parents. Whereas in school they get to have that sense of dominance by making themselves look bigger around anyone smaller than them doing and taking whatever they want. They want to be respected at school by their peers, something they’re not getting when they are at home. Bullies have also been known to be children suffering financial issues. Research has shown that when some poorer children see their peers with money and goods they want to get what they never had, and so they use their assertion to get it. Theft is often seen a lot in schools today, it is possible that a mentor in a child’s life has done this in the past and shown that it is alright to do so, as someone they look up to as an adviser, they will follow their path. Lastly, in school academics are the least of children’s worries, self-esteem is very low for kids in school and because of that children act adversely towards their peers to make themselves feel better. Children often bully each other verbally to get a self confidence boost, instead of physically to show dominance. Having better clothes and looking better has always been at completion at school. When someone feels that others look different or are not “in style”, they look down upon them and treat them as if they

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