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ing Different Forms of Bullying Bullying is a major concern in our schools today. Bullying has a negative effect on many teenagers and young adults; it can lead to many serious problems. There are different forms of bullying that people do not know about or do not take serious. Forms of bullying are cyber-bullying, emotional bullying, and physical bullying. Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying that is used over the internet on social media networks. It is used to embarrass, tease and humiliate others. Cyber-bullying is being cruel to others by posting negative comments and pictures over the internet not just by using computers, but through cell phones and other devices. Spreading untruths about someone can really destroy someone’s reputation and lead to emotional distress. The rule is if you wouldn’t say it then don’t write it. Emotional bullying is a form of bullying that upset, embarrasses, or excludes a person. This type of bullying is name calling, writing nasty notes, or spreading rumors about people. Emotional bullying can make a child lose his or her self esteem which results in withdrawal from school, social functions, and family. This can lead to dramatic problems later on in their adult hood with relationships such as work and family. Physical Bullying is a form of bullying that harms a person. This type of bullying involves kicking, hitting, and other physical attacks. Physical bullying is easy to identify because the evidence is there. Physical bullying leads to suicides a lot in young teens and young adults because they are sometimes scared to speak out about the situation. A lot of teens tend to drop out of school and never return losing out on an education that they will need because they can’t handle the pressure of the bullying. Bullying is never right no matter what form of bullying it is. It leads to emotional, physical, and mental

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