Bullying Essay

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Walking through the school hall, people gawking, whispering, shouting obscenities, this was just a typical day for James. James was a sixteen year old high school student who had a severe weight problem, and he knew it. Every day at school was a struggle and it didn’t just end there, home wasn’t even a home. His deadbeat mother was rarely around, and when she was, she was either passed out drunk or with another man. Since James’ father left when he was four, she had neglected James, blamed him for his father leaving and put him down. With no friends and no caring family, James saw no point in losing weight, just more reason to turn to food for comfort. If he lost weight, there would be no one to tell him ‘good job’ or ‘well done’, no one. The school day had finally ended, this was a relief as James could finally escape from the people he hated most, if his mother was not home that was. As he walked through the streets of his run down neighbourhood he could feel the local people staring, he knew what they were thinking about him, how fat he is, does he have no pride? It was not anything but a usual occurrence, so he had become used to the prying eyes and had begun to take less notice. What had caused society to become so judgemental? The media. If you look on magazine covers, you will not see the average or overweight body type, you will see bulging biceps and ripped abs or girls who are no more than skin and bone. This is what the media was drilling into people’s heads, this had become the ideal body type. Finally James arrived home, his mother was nowhere in sight. He threw his bag down and headed to the kitchen, he put a pizza in the oven, and ate chips and candy as he waited for it to cook. When he was eating it was the only time during the day that he’d feel at peace, maybe it was the satisfying taste or the warmth of the food in his stomach, but there was

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