Bullying Essay

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Trionne Griffin ENG 100 -02 P. Fender 22 September 2011 Types of Bullying Bullying has a huge effect on today’s world. It can happen any and everywhere. It may not seem serious when talking about the issue, but I have seen bullying in different places and at different times. I have seen different types of bullying such as emotional, verbal, and physical bullying. I observed emotional bullying a lot in my middle school days. It always uses to be a certain group of kids that would go around teasing and mocking other children. They tend to embarrassed them in a big crowd of others. It seemed like when the bullying was going on the girls were the most abusive for emotional bullying. For example, they were trying to gain control and power in the school hallways and restrooms. I’ve seen where child was being so emotional bruise the child starts to shed tears. Another type of bullying I seen is verbal bullying. I notice this bullying when I was in high school. Verbal bullying can affect ones self-image and effect there emotional ways. I see were some males and females having low self-esteem about themselves. They always looked depressed. Verbal bullying was hard for teachers, since the physical harm wasn’t taken place. This type of bullying in high was just a lot of humiliating people, name-calling, insulting, and making racist comments. The final, type of bullying I’ve seen is physical bullying in different places. The same victim usually stayed targeted. Physical bullying is more likely to occur among males. I see this bullying in my neighborhood, school, stores, and etc. Bullies are often physically stronger than their victim. Students that I see who the bullies are often have trouble with self-control, following rules, and caring for others. Physical bullying at my school and neighbor had some serious consequences. At school the child use to get

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