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Cyber bullying is a relatively new and pervasive form of bullying that is rapidly effecting today’s youth. This essay will demonstrate the main effects cyber bullying has on adolescents. In doing so this essay will firstly define and outline cyber bullying; secondly, clearly state the main effects associated this form of bullying; and finally, detail the two main social networks used in cyber bullying: MySpace and mobile phones. It will be concluded that cyber bullying effects not only the physical but also emotional aspects of a person, with sometimes extreme outcomes. The social networks used by today’s youth are very firmly embedded as a part of day-to-day life, therefore, it is considered punishment, to the victim, to ban usage of such networks in order to prevent bullying. Cyber bullying is said to be one of the most prominent issues facing today’s youth. This new form of bullying is a 24 hour occurrence that often goes undetected by parents. “Cyber bullying describes bullying using mobile phones and the internet” (Smith et al., 2008: 376) to humiliate, threaten and tease other persons. While fundamentally the concept is the same as traditional bullying, there are some different characteristics (Smith et al., 2008: 376) that highlight this form of bullying as something new and of high importance. Cyber bullying is a result of this new communication era that has emerged with the invention of the internet and mobile phones. Both means of communication have existed for quite some time, however, it is this “always-on generation” (McKenna, 2007: 26) that has catapulted cyber bullying into society. Today’s bullies in cyber space still use gossip as their main form of ammunition against their victims, be it in the form of text message or internet chat rooms. Even though such bullies maintain traditional weapons of bullying, the characteristics that differentiate

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