Bully Speech Essay

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Bullying Speech Have you ever been afraid to come to school or even a particular class because of that one person that always seems to harass you and just never has any kind words to say to you? Your day would be ruined soon as you came into contact with this person. One day it’s the way you dress, the next day it’s about the post you made on twitter or even the picture you put on instagram last night , and by the end of the week your so fed up with being a target every day you decide to play sick or skip school just to stay home and get away from the madness. These are some of problems that teens go through every day. Today I’m going to explain what teen bullying is, the types of teen bullying, and the affects that bullying can have on a teenager. Teen bullying is a widespread problem in our schools and communities. According to Family First Aid almost 30% of teens in the US have been involved in bullying as either the bully, the target, or both. Bullying comes in a wide variety of behaviors that deal with making an individual feel inadequate or less of a person because of the repeated hostile treatment they receive from other individuals. The people that are usually bullied are targeted as weak and vulnerable people who can’t stand up for themselves. There are four main types of bullying which are verbal, physical, psychological, and cyber bullying. Verbal bullying includes being talked about with degrading words that tear down yourself image. You’re constantly being teased and humiliated. Physical bullying is when the target actually receives a direct hit from the bully whether it’s a punch or a smack this is designed to instill fear in the person being bullied. Psychological bullying is an emotional method that aims at getting the target to feel isolated and alone thinking that no one is there friend, this may even prompt depression. Cyber bullying is
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