Bully Prevention Plan

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Bully Prevention Plan Laying the foundation of early childhood education is very vital and prominent in the social, physical, and emotional development of a child. As a teacher implementing a warm, safe enviorment and setting a good traits, such as EEDA character traits, in the classroom can help avoid bullying among children. Bullying has become a serious issue in early childhood education and all aspects of a childs development. Bullying can be defined as exposing another person to either verbal or physical harm, or threatening to harm another person with the purpose of controlling the other person’s thoughts and/or actions. Someone who uses bullying looks and most of the time acts like a typical child, but a bully can be defined as a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. Every school should have a zero-tolerance for bullying. To prevent and avoid bullying among young children in school, states and school districts have implemented what is called a Safe School Act. “A "Safe School Act" generally means to prevent school harassment, intimidation, or bullying; the act is to instruct local school districts to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying that includes certain components; to provide that the state board of education shall develop model policies; to provide that the policy must be incorporated into the training programs; and to define certain terms.” (South Carolina’s Safe School Act). To successfully implement and keep a Safe School Act I encourage to have a strong sense of your philosophy education, such as your beliefs and the curriculum you will be teaching. My bully prevention plan will consist of implementing EEDA character traits in the classroom and school, focusing on the development of the child, and providing a sense of a community within the classroom and school. I
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