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70% of all high school students admit that they have bullied and caused around 160,000 students in U.S to refrain from going to school. Bullying, a common word often heard in school, colleges, work places and on the internet. In general, bullying shows meaning of aggressive behavior that is of intention and in continuous that will lead to injuries either physical or mental. In order to analyze on the cause and effects of bullying, further research had been conducted on the topic. Common cause of bullying is families’ environments that lead to health, wealth and relationship problems in long-time period. Families’ environments become a major cause of bullying as it plays an important role in children’s education especially at the early stage. Lack of parental supervision in the family caused feeling of insecurity toward their peers. This leads them to conduct bullying with hopes that they can attract attention from their parents. Furthermore, harsh discipline from parents will also lead to bullying. This is because the children feel a need to vent their feelings from being disciplined by parents either physically or mentally. Bullying has large effects on either victims or perpetrator both in term of health, wealth and relationship. Victims of bullying will have low self-esteem and easily depressed that eventually leads to suicide attempt in long period of time. Besides, they will have difficulty in securing a job as well as building relationship with other people. This is due to lack of trust in victims toward other people. However, perpetrators of bullying will also being affected in term of health as they are likely to smoke cigarettes influence by their peers that can develop into cancer. They will also have trouble in securing steady jobs because of their violent nature and feeling of oppression over others. In conclusion, bullying is an important issue

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