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Bullying has become quite a big deal in day to day life especially when almost every kid nowadays has a cell phone. Cyber bullying has become one of the main sort of bullying. Kids like to think that their big and bad by calling somebody inappropriate names over the internet and blackmailing them with abusive photos or made up things about them. A lot of kids on the internet think that with a press of a button they could have some kids crawling at their knees but the parents should get more involved with what their children are doing on the internet because no matter how innocent their children seem they could be in fact cyber bullying kids on the internet. Also there is just straight up bullying, schools all around the world are faced with dealing with some kind of bullying. Either there are students harassing other students by calling them names or by beating on them. These types of bullying leave a very bad taste in the schools mouth when they hear about them. Most schools just give the kids that have done wrong pops, but most schools now a days have done away with pops and just send the kids home or give them detention or suspend them for so many days. Pops is probably the best way to go when it comes to kids doing wrong. When you send a kid home or give him a detention or suspend him your just making him a worse kid than he already is and you are taking him out of the classroom and making that kid more and more angry. When you give a kid pops it mostly straightens the kids out and makes them not want to be called into your office anymore. I’m talking all grade levels too, from elementary to high school. No matter how big the kid a pop will set them straight. To the parents, if you know there is something wrong with your child talk to them, ask them what is wrong and why they are acting like they are. Bullying can leave a major imprint on a kids life,

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