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Nowadays, most of the students have more disciplinary problems compared to previous generation no matter in a rural or in the city. The most serious cases are absenteeism. According to the research by the Minister of Education of Malaysia, there were 21,000 truancy cases nationwide in 2008. Most of students who play truant are involved in illegal activities such as smoking, vandalism, bully, and many more. This is a very serious matter because our future leaders are the students. Without a good role model of a leader, our country sooner or later will be collapsed. Therefore, a future leader should have a good characteristic and a strong determination so that he or she would not be easily influenced by bad influences from their friends. The main cause of the truancy happens are the bad influences of their classmates or schoolmates. When a student reaches the age between 14 and 17, they begin to think that their thinking is mature and began to ignore or refuse to obey their parents. Person that is the closest to a student besides parents are friends. Therefore, when a student makes friend with a bunch of bad friends, sooner or later he or she will turn bad because of the bad influences that was given by their friend. Besides that, the age between 14 and 17 who are known as teenagers are very concerned about their pride and would not let anything to damage their prides. Therefore, when their ‘friends’ dare the students to skip classes or play truant, they will do anything what their ‘friends’ dare them so that they will lose their prides and known as cowards. Beside that, their family background is also one of the factors that cause the students to play truant. Family health or financial concerns may also put pressure to the students to be absent in order to overcome the issues that they are facing by helping the family. However, there are some

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