Bullshitter Essay

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A business plan is an descriptive and complete outline of the company. This will be the skeleton of your company he said, and the rest is all of the effort that you put forth. Before our interview ended he told me that it is imperative that I learn how to draw up a business plan. There is no dress code, I make my own hours, and work in the environment that I choose. In closing, I really enjoyed this assignment. He told me roughly how to write one, but he could not go into detail. Do you want to be your own bossDo you want financial independenceDo you want creative freedomNext, he asked me to question wether the business was suitable for me by asking questions like: What do I like to do with my timeWhat technical skills have I learned or developedWhat do others say I am good atHow much time do I have to run a successful businessAfter you answer these questions, Ryan said to think about these further uncertainties to solidify my choice of starting this business:What business am I interested in startingWhat services or products will I sellIs my idea practicalWhat is my competitionWhat is my business's advantage over existing onesCan I deliver a better quality serviceCan I create a demand for my businessThis interview really helped me to see the thought process of how to determine what business I should run. With all the paper work said and gone, I believe that this job will be profitable and exciting. These classes do not have to be taken simultaneously, but must be concluded. (3) (Basic Study Requirement)Two courses that are required for admission, but not calculated into GPA are:ACG 203 (3)MIS 213 (3) (projected new course)(chart taken from the UNCW homepage)Upon entering the Cameroon school of business, there will be further requirements that must be met in order for you to receive your degree. He gave me much insight into the questions I should ask myself before I

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