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Bulls’ Dynasty “Hey Scottie, get me the ball” is all Michael Jordan says to Scottie Pippen in the final seconds of game six of the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. Scottie didn’t have to get Michael the ball; Michael does that himself with a steal from Karl Malone. Jordan casually brings the ball up the court with less than 15 seconds to play. Michael is dripping with sweat, brutally exhausted, but has absolutely no fear in his eyes, tells his teammates to clear the lane. Once the clock hits ten seconds, he begins making his move. Jordan begins to dribble to the free throw line, hits Bryon Russell with a nasty crossover and steps back for the game winner. Michael Jordan just won his 6th and final championship. From 1992-98 Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won 6 championships and are considered the greatest basketball dynasty of all-time. Building a dynasty isn’t something done overnight, it takes time and patience. The role players, Michael Jordan himself, the front office, and the coaching staff all played a crucial role in becoming a dynasty. Phil Jackson, who was the Chicago Bulls’ head coach for all six titles, is widely considered the greatest basketball coach of all-time. A “Zen Master” is someone who uses Buddhist philosophy to lead their lives (Wikipedia.org). Over the years, Phil Jackson has earned himself the nickname “Zen Master”. The reason he is called the “Zen Master” is because Phil Jackson brings the aspects of Eastern philosophy and the Native American spiritual practices to coach his teams (Wikipedia.org). Phil Jackson had an enormous role in the 90s Bulls becoming a dynasty. Phil Jackson has won 11 NBA Championships, more than any other coach in NBA History (Wikipedia.org). Phil Jackson also has the highest win percentage of all-time at a whopping 0.704 (NBA.com). The next closest coach is Red Auerbach at 0.662 which is not even nearly

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