Bulling in the Workplace Essay

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| 2/2/2013 | The purpose of this paper is to review the current research and literature about workplace bullying and violence, to provide information about how organizations can learn to identify the behavior of a bully and to suggest ways of dealing with bullying to prevent negative impact on the corporate culture. | What is bullying and other forms of workplace violence? Why is it important for an organization to identify the problem, recognize the impact and cost associated, and to create a safe and friendly working environment for everybody? Over the past couple of decades, workplace bullying has become an important topic in the field of organizational behavior. It is well known of the consequences that it can impose on not only the employee but also the whole organization. Bullying behavior can exist at any level of an organization – supervisors, subordinates, co-workers, and colleagues. Workplace abuse is a serious issue and needs to be taken more seriously if we are to create a safe and friendly working environment for everybody. Bullying and Violence in the workplace are a serious and problematic issue plaguing corporate America. Bullying stifles productivity and innovative practices. Bullies often target talented individuals of an organization that they fill threatened or intimidated by. As a result of bullying the creativity, efficiencies and productivity of those individual being bullied within the organization is negatively affected and in some cases valued human capital is lost. Workplace violence includes any form of physical assault, aggression or threatening behavior that brings physical or emotional harm to employees or managers, and can include sabotage of work-site property. “According to the Occupational Safety and health Administration (OSHA), it can occur at or outside the workplace and can range from verbal abuse to

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