Bullies Bullies Bullies Essay

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Dear Superintendent Torres: I’m just an average teenage student. Getting grades lower than what I’m capable of, going to basketball games, rehearsing for the musical and showing school spirit. I am also bullied every day, but it’s not just me its multiple students. Enclosed by the walls of the school, kids are being bullied and harassed. Why does it fly under radar? Why don’t teachers notice it? It’s because they look for the obvious signs of someone being picked on. It’s not like in the movies where that 1 skinny geeky kid is surrounded by 10 bigger kids. It’s much scarier than that. It’s a text from a blocked number saying “I`m gonna get you after class, your a** is mine!” Or an anonymous note stating “You faggot!” Something as simple as that can make a kid feel as though they don’t belong. Most schools are Bi-racial, bringing in other ethnicities into the classroom creating a language barrier, knowing that someone is saying something about you but not knowing what they say. Whether it’s a comment on your clothes or a bash against you. Kids are sly, texting, computers, notes and languages are all ways of hurting another student in school, and you would never know. Teachers and staff need to be more aware of the signs of students being bullied and having depression. Kids need to feel safe in school. That’s the scariest part about being a victim is you’re so scared that you don’t know who you can trust, and that there’s no one willing to help. All kids need to know that there’s someone to go to, someone that will actually hear them out as an actual person not as an over emotional teenager. Parents, staff and teachers need to notice changes in kids. Whether it’s for the better or worse a normally happy energetic kid somehow turns into a quiet, self-preserved student. Ask them questions, it will show them that someone cares, and being shown that little bit

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