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Bullies these days come with lots of reasons why they do what they do, and I’ve discovered reasons myself why they have tendencies of bullying. In the book Rowing the boat, Paul Logan, the author of this short story shares with us how he was a victim of bullying also. During my research I have come to find out many characteristics of bullying among those, were children not knowing the proper way of asking for attention, or even the bully being bigger than and victim, and last the aggressor may do it just to feel better about themselves around other peers. With the research that I’ve gathered, children that bully others are believed that the aggression starts at home with the child not know the right way of asking for attention, whether it’s around his peers or his own family. Like in the story as the bully confronts the author with a crowd around him as he plans to beat him and George up for their friendship. Right there you can see that the bully is seeking attention amongst his peers, maybe because that’s something he’s not receiving at his home. As we all know fighting in school usually results in being suspended, but he didn’t seem to care, as any other child would stress or worry about what their parents are going to do, or even give fighting a second thought. Studies show that the lack of attention at home can be a major part in becoming a bully just as it shows in the story. I’ve begun to think that this new generation of kids are being bullied by other students or people because they are more superior to the one(s) that they are bullying. Why is this you ask? Well according to research, bullies like to feel comfortable with the environment that they are in doing what they have to do to “fit in”. In today’s society making others laugh is the best and easiest way of establishing comfort zone. Referring back to the article, the author this little skinny

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