Bullies Essay

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The dark side of people Someone who is trying to intimidate other people by being mean and making them feel down about themselves are called bullies. There are three types of bullies in today: Physical bully, verbal bully, and cyber bully. The sad part about all of this is that bullying happens every day at schools everywhere. When someone is actually getting physically abused, this is called cyber bullying. When one is being hurt and/or getting injured this means that they are getting physically bullied. These types of bullies are usually bigger because they want to be big and strong to hurt you. These types of bullies have the urge only to hurt you physically, so these bullies might be the jocks of the school as well. The second types of bullies are called verbal bullies. Verbal bullies are the types of bullies who like to use words to get under your skin. These types of bullies will use name calling to hurt you; they will also try to call you out just to try and make you feel insecure. The bullies that are more verbal tend to have or want to have a bigger ego; these bullies tend to show off more. The last types of bullies are called cyber bullies. Cyber bullies are bullies that send information out through text or email that does not need to be sent out to public media. So if someone is sending a picture of someone doing something that they regret, that’s called cyber bullying and cyber bullying happens a lot. Cyber bullies are bullies that just hide behind a screen instead of doing something bad to your face, cyber bullies are out there only to be mean and make you feel bad, but most cyber bullies won’t say who they are because they are scared of the person they are hurting as well that’s why they hide behind a screen. Bullies are everywhere and if people team up or tell someone they won’t be bullies for much longer because they will think

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