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Have you ever been bullied? Well if you have, you’re not the only one. There are people being bullied around the world because of their height, age, clothes, grades, weight and more. What is bullying? Why do people bully? What are the similarities and differences of child and adult bullies, and child and adult bully victims? And most of all: how can we stop bullying? BULLIES Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior that causes harm to another person, is threatening, and is repetitive. Bullying occurs when the bully has more power over the victim. There are four different types of bullying: Verbal, Direct, Indirect and Cyber bullying. Adult and child bullies differ in the way they bully. Children bully verbally with name calling, teasing, and whispering behind someone’s back. Children bully directly by kicking, swirlies (flushing one’s head in a toilet), locking one in a locker, and spit balls. Indirect bullying by children may include turning on your best friend, embarrassment in front of peers, or excluding someone from a group. Since the invention of email and cell phones, the newest form of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is negative text messages on cell phones, e-mail, voice-mail, or web pages. Cyberbullying tends to be used by kids more than adults. There are many reasons why kids might bully each other. Some of the reasons are: bullies love to win at everything, they enjoy feeling power over everyone else, they love to be the best, and they think that by bullying other people they will become popular. They also might bully because they like to see other people in pain. Some bullies like to attack before he or she can be attacked first. Finally, some children bully because of abuse at home or seeing other kids being abused at home. Adult bullying is somewhat the same as child bullying, but there are some differences. Verbal bullying

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