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Bullfighting Good or Bad? Does bullfighting represent the art and tradition of a culture, or is it simply a cruel slaughter of animals? This show has attracted individuals of all classes and ages. However, this discipline has also been heavily criticized, since the purpose of the fights or runs has been transformed over the years so it would be more attractive to the viewer. Bullfighting began in Spain in the mid-eighteenth century, but other countries such as “Portugal, France, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala and more recently the USA” joined the bloodsport (Bullfighting Campaign). According to the Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary, bullfighting is “[a] public spectacle in which a fighting bull is engaged in a series of traditional maneuvers culminating with the bullfighter’s ceremonial execution of the bull by a sword”(Bullfight). Bullfights are considered one of the most important expressions of Hispanic culture. Some people have opposed bullfighting claiming that it is a cruel massacre where bulls are killed in a slow and torturous way, while others have defended it claiming that bullfighting represents tradition, an art, and a sport. Anti-bullfighting activists claim that it is not humane to attend these displays of violence and brutality since the torture that happens to the bull is not only at the moment of the run but several hours before. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, “the bulls may be weakened by beatings with sandbags, debilitated with laxatives, drugged, have their horns shaved to impair their navigation, or have petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to impair their ability to judge distance” (Bullfighting). In addition, the bull is enclosed in a dark room for about two days for disorientation. When he emerges into the sunlight and hears the shouts of the public, it makes the animal feel

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