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‘Bullet boy’ is a film that was produced in 2004, it is a British drama/action film directed by Saul Dibb. ‘Bullet boy’ takes place in Hackney, East London and tells the story of young black ghetto teens getting involved in gun crime on the streets. The story of the film follows the life of Ricky who has just been released from prison and has decided that he wants to start afresh and get his life back on track by getting away from the crime which takes place on the streets. He tries hard to escape, however Wisdom comes to meet Ricky from the prison and straight away on the way back they get into an argument after Wisdom accidentally knocks off the wing mirror of another motor passing by. This soon spirals out of control and ends up with Ricky getting shot at the train station towards the end of the film. The director is trying to show how difficult it is for young people to get out of the never ending circle of gun crime. The message of the film is anti gun crime, trying to show young people living in the poorer communities who are more vulnerable to violence or gun crime will sooner or later pay the price unless they have the strength that Ricky didn’t have in-order to step out. Gun crime is often made into a big fuss by the media and glamorised as such. It is important that violence and gun crime are talked about in films and that young people are made to see the real side of it, because people are getting killed often in events where youths are carrying guns, this often appears on the news. Statistics show that gun crime has been on the rise in recent years especially in inner city areas like the one shown in the film. The two main characters of the film are Ricky and Wisdom who can not break out the never ending circle of gun crime but both for different reasons. Ricky tries to leave but he fails because he feels that he owes Wisdom for saving his life and

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