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Managerial Communication In this essay, I would write about how to communicate with audiences (investors) about opening a casino in Bulle. Basically, I have some reasons to open a casino in Bulle. Firstly, it is making profit, workplace, and growth for the city. Moreover, the city will be known in the whole world and it can be a tourism destination for gamblers around the world. Lastly, it will optimize the entertainment value, while for some people; they can get something to do at night. These are the objectives that I will communicate with them. However, in order to do that we can use five strategies, such as communicator, audience, message, channel choice, and cultural strategies. In communicator strategy, I have to explain the right message to the investors with all of my objectives and what are my goals in the future with the casino. By using the right communication style, such as tell, sell, consult, and join; I can get their attention and interact. With sending the right message and communication style, they will believe in my credibility and the offer that I want to make. Secondly, the investors are biased, we do not know their backgrounds, through icebreaker in the first minutes, and roughly I can know what they like, set up their moods and get a little bit of their backgrounds. Having their trust on me is not easy, however there is a way to win their hearts, with providing them with so much information and always answer their questions with confidence In my case, sending them an organize message is very important. Short, clear, and persuasive message is another advantage for me, as it will increase my credibility for them. Fourthly, I will have presentation and provide them with a solid report to be given to each individual that attends the presentation; therefore they can see the full report, while they are listening to me. Based on the

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