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Bulgaria: its past, transmission and future in the EU Bulgaria has a long history with Europe and belongs to the European mainland. Moreover, Bulgaria’s pre-European past includes many revolts and communistic regimes. Due to democratic reforms the country saw the opportunity to leave the misery behind, since it wanted to become a better and successful country, a land with opportunities, economic growth and a country with (good) human rights. However, Bulgaria is still required to perpetuate with reforming its administration among other things. Furthermore, the question remains to what extent Bulgaria managed to meet the Copenhagen criteria and whether its process of reforms is developing sufficiently enough. Therefore, this essay will touch upon Bulgaria’s continuous process towards joining the European Union and towards Bulgaria’s wish to become a full respected EU-member. The construction of this essay will be as follow. First, there will be a part which contains general information with regard to Bulgaria’s pre-European history. Secondly, this essay will include a part that describes the transmission of Bulgaria towards becoming an European member. After that, there will be a part that contains the current situation of Bulgaria. Lastly, a conclusion will be drawn which will discuss the prospects of this new EU member-state. Before Bulgaria’s relation with the EU Until 1989 Bulgaria had an economy in the communist-style in which almost all of the agricultural and industrial enterprises were controlled by the State. This went along with a decreasing economy and a shortage of food, energy and consumer goods for its inhabitants. The country also had a foreign debt. The end of the Bulgarian republic with the communistic regime took place in 1989. This period marked for Bulgaria the beginning of democratic changes. It resulted in the introduction of a new

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