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I.T. Culture form of Government (broad based democracy) I will request you to please have a look at following proposal and use your good offices and join hands together to establish a national institutional style government like prophet tried to do as per Quranic edicts. Allah’s mercy is all embracing: Despair not: Seek it before it is too late. The Caliphate evolved as a form of government through the monotheistic supra system in the tribal-cum-agriculture society when it was preparing to transform into a completely agriculture society. The achievement of economic growth and the introduction of systematic taxation and human rights endeared the caliphate to everyone, resulting in the disillusionment the world over with all other forms of government. As a result, the Muslim caliphs, amirs, sultans and rulers conquered major countries and continued to play a leading role in the world till the 18th century. Conditions in the 17th century required that the caliphate and agriculture society introduce reforms for the mechanization of agriculture and for the transformation, into professional institutions, of tribal trades and skills. What was desirable in the new century was that neither furniture should henceforth be made by carpenter families at their homes nor, similarly, agriculture tools designed by blacksmith families. Instead, the need of the time was that proper industries should be established for these and similar other purposes so that the production of goods and services was weaned away from the monopoly of the tribe and family. However, the Muslim rulers of the 17th century tried to block the evolution of modern industry and institutions inured to the benefit of the general public and, instead, continued to practice imperialism which was compatible neither with the evolving reality nor with the changing mentality of the time. As

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