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Problem The problem that HFS faces is that the company’s profits have fallen over the last two years and the only way for the business to be put back on its feet, is to think of a completely new strategy to increase the growth of the business. Introduction Marketing is a type of activity, which results in making or creating products to make costumers feel happy and satisfied with what they get and also making profit for the companies that offer the products in the first place. In Marketing, it is very important to understand market segmentation because it gives you a better understanding of what your customer needs and also gives you a chance to maximize your sales to do the best of your ability. In my family business our present market segment was selling products, such as breakfast cereal to health food shops in beautiful south London to give customers a healthy diet. I hope to change this market segment by asking people and getting ideas of the kind of healthy food they like to eat apart from breakfast, so I can have a better understanding on the other types of products I could make to satisfy the costumers. Product A new winning product that could be used to help HFS could be healthy fruit snack bars, which doesn’t contain a lot of calories and has nutrients to keep the costumers healthy and energetic all day. The product that would be used to help HFS would be called Natural Frosty Fruit bars because it contains some fruits in each slice. The natural frosty fruit bars would contain milk, wheat, gluten, raspberry, and strawberry and also may contain some traces of nuts and peanuts for vegetarians. Each slice would weigh 13g and be only 55 calories; also there will be 3 slices in each packet. The

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