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Plan 1 BUISNESS PROCESS PLAN Buisness Process Plan GB560: Designing, Improving, and Implementing Processes July 03, 2013 Plan 2 Buisness Process Plan Q#1 Provide the name of the organization (this must be a real organization and you may use the organization where you currently work; describe the organization’s size and summarize the primary mission of the organization. Don’t simply copy from the organization’s mission statement: The organization is Jewell Osco stores, which are actually a part of the larger organization which is Supervalu. There are 140,000 employees with the entire organization, and the organization has union employees. There are 1,114 retail stores and 805 pharmacies, and 2,700 stores in the independent business segment. There are 1,280 hard-discount stores. According to the focus of the customer retention project being conducted by The Northern Illinois University College of Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) the grocery store wants to concentrate on retaining their thirty year customers as a primary grocery store for most grocery shopping of the household. (niuelc.blogspot.com). This is only a part of their overall mission which is to bring high quality items to the customer at an affordable price. The non-brand option offers low price items but name brand items are carried in the store. Plan 3 Q#2 From your research of the organization, identify a single Business Process Change that the organization will need to contemplate and undertake in the coming year. These changes can result from new technologies, economic issues, or changes in the marketplace. It appears that the business needs to be more competitive in their price structure, and may be losing market share due to the low cost items that are being purchased elsewhere, with items left on the shelf longer than expected, giving the

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