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Buisness Essay

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Sports Franchises are the main thing that run the team is advertisments, money wise , and how the fans react to the team besides how the team is doing in the season.( What is sports marketing) Basket is a great example for this , My favorite team the Miami heat just last season won the NBA championship. This is their third time since 2006 they have won a championship. Miami winning the championship a second time in a row has their franchise making a lot of money from all the merchandise they make. The heat have many different ideas for on game advertisement as well. White out is an example because they have all white uniforms and the fans where the shirts that say white out on them so they know who is supporting them during the game. The team also has hats, long sleeves ,posters , and a lot of merchandise than bring in a lot of money. Plus the way the team is doing they make a lot of money from having sold out games. (What is sports marketing) The franchise for them to make themselves bigger is to do more of NBA cares which is a helping program for people in need other than that sports teams need to expand their ideas to other countries or have more international games. I think the NFL should have more America vs. Canada games so they can have more fans as well.

When franchises make their merchandise they have quotes from players or sayings they make up so the fan can show support to the team. The NfL has their sayings with Nike for example they have the team symbol and then right under they have Nikes famous line Just Do It. Some symbols do hurt people for example the redskins have a chief Indian as their symbol. Some might take offence to that because of it being a Indian head and it being used for a symbol of the name redskins. Franchises should really watch what they put on their merchandise because it may offend some people from what it says because what something means to you it might mean something else to others and that’s what causes problems....

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