Building a Dynamic Learning Team

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Thesis Statement and Outline Week Three Susan Harmon GEN 300 Skills for Professional Development Mike Osby Building a Dynamic Learning Team Different individuals have different Learning Styles, different Personality Types and different Temperaments. These three components combined create a Learning Profile and can be very different from individual to individual. Ones Learning Profile affects the way one is able to not only learn in college-level studies but how this affects ones daily working relationships. There are several tests available to determine what ones Learning Profile is and how one can find strategies to work with this new information. Dynamic Teams are composed of individuals that may have very different Learning Profiles and each team must determine how best to work with each individuals strengths and weaknesses. Available to students attending the University of Phoenix are several tools to assist with learning one’s Learning profile and building a dynamic learning team. The Multiple Pathways to Learning assessment found in the Keys for College Studying on page 41 is the first tool one can use to determine ones Learning Profile. This tool focuses on learning strengths and preferences. Rating each question 1-4 one scores how they feel about different activities. Using the Scoring Grid on page 42 in conjunction with this tool, one can map out ones range of development. The Key 2.2 on page 43 explains what each of the different pathways abilities and skills are. Personality Spectrum also found in Keys for College Studying is the second tool used in this project. This is also called the Kiersey Sorter and it focuses on what type of interactions one is most and least comfortable with. This divides individuals into four personality types which are Thinker, Giver, Organizer and Adventurer. The scoring grid on page 47 maps out ones tendencies for

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