Building Baby from the Genes Up Essay

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1)-Mr. Green’s thesis is that one day we will use gene technology to people in the future, he states this thesis in the last 2 lines of the essay, and he makes understand his thesis during the whole essay. 2)-Some of the gene that scientist would be able to eliminate through the gene- targeting techniques could be the dyslexia, or to stop having human beings with handicaps and chromosomal disorders. 3)-Many people object to genetic manipulation because they do want to modify the humans otherwise they would become sort of “robots” who are all the same with no problems, and that this kind of situation might bring to bigger problems. Green instead says that we could solve lots of problem by genetic modification and that maybe we could start have a world without diseases. 4)-The religions in general are against the genetic manipulation, they think is a way to modify what nature creates and that this could lead to bigger problems in the future. 5)-By that line he tries to the readers his point of view, and his point of view is that if we use gene to make a better world we would not anymore have discrimination and oppression, so in this way everyone would be equal. 6)-To talk about this issue a person does not need to be a doctor or to have a degree in medicine. This subject is more towards the fact of moral matter, whether we should adjust the nature or just leave it like it is. 7)-Mr. Green does cite only few authorities because this essay is oriented on personal thinking, and it is not an essay where you need to have lots of statistics or to mention too many authorities otherwise the essay will lose it critical thinking them. 8)-From what this essay explains and talks about, it is referred to parents and to people who are totally against the gene variation, because it explains especially the good but also in

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