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ILM Project Certificate In First Line Management BUILDING THE TEAM ASSIGNMENT Karolina Swirbutowicz 2011 1. Developing and maintaining trust at work An environment rich in trust creates an engine for innovation. In the trust-based, or Leadership organization, people at all levels are inspired to resolve open issues without unnecessary or intrusive supervision by leadership. Most become committed to developing habits of reliability and follow through. The business built on trust eliminates the Them vs. Us energy lost to suspicion, unresolved issues, forgotten commitments, unclear agreements, missed deadlines, and the associated propensity toward blame, gossip, resentment and frustration. Making trust as a central principle anchors the organization and allows people to become a part of something bigger than themselves, something more than a paycheck and that results in attracting and keeping people who like productivity and creativity. Trust is confidence, the absence of suspicion, confirmed by a track record and our ability to correct that track record. Building the culture on trust covers all these bases—emotional and performance, active and passive—and it also works quickly, which is essential for success in the marketplace. One of the clearest ways in which a manager can demonstrate trust is though involvement and autonomy. Team member are more likely to feel trusted if they are involved in setting team and individual goals and then given the necessary autonomy to get on with their tank without undue interference. Trust is earned when everyone’s interests are considered and respected. Communication is the key to do this. Successful trust-building hinges on three components of communication: intention, preparation, and mechanics. When communication is open, honest, and respectful people feel free to express their thoughts, opinions,

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