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Building a successful Law Career Part Three – Essential skills – The Ability to speak in Public After the first articles dealing with general matters I want to begin to look a specific areas of skill and ability that a lawyer will need to be successful in his or her career. The first skill that gets a lawyer noticed is the ability to use words to explain and persuade, so let’s look at some basic rules about improving your public speaking skills.At some stage in your legal career you will find it necessary to speak in public, it may be a presentation to clients or it may be in a court room. Being able to address a court room full of people and argue a case, or merely to speak in front of an audience, clients, or shareholders is a legal skill that all lawyers should possess. Most of the people that we think of as good public speakers were probably very awkward and shy when they first spoke in front of an audience. Their present skilful performances are something that they have learned to do at something you can learn all so.The first rule is to know your subject. This means read the case papers, or the subject of presentation, and read and re-read again until you know all the main points that you are going to speak about. You must know the law relating to the case as well as the facts. It is the unexpected question to which you do not know the answer, because you did not prepare, that will put you on the defensive and make you look nervous and stammering. The client will never forgive you and will never recommend you if you show you did not prepare properly before walking into the courtroom. Knowing the subject really thoroughly gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and it is this confidence that will enable you to stop worrying about the audience and to start showing your real personality.The second rule is almost as simple as the first and this is to

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