Building a Great Sandcastle

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Building a Great Sandcastle I have always been fascinated in the art of building sandcastles. As a child, I would spend my summers at the beach sculpting the sand based structures. I discovered that building sandcastles is an enjoyable past-time and an easy process, as long as you have the right tools and the right location. First, you will need to assemble your sandcastle toolkit. Depending on the skill level you want to achieve, most of these items can be found at home. Start with two five gallon buckets, cut the bottom out of one bucket as this will be used for building the towers. The other bucket is for transporting water to help pack down the sand. If you do not have five gallon buckets, then the closest size will be as sufficient. Also, bring one or two shovels for scooping and digging the sand. For adding details on the structures, bring dowels, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. To remove any excessive sand without damaging the structure, bring paintbrushes and straws. Once you have your tools collected, you are ready to pick a place to create your masterpiece. Secondly, you need to select the right type of sand and best location for your construction. The texture of the sand is very important for structure integrity. Through many failed attempts and landslides, I discovered that coarse rocky sand is not as effective as fine-grain sand. However, you can use any type of sand as long as you compress it with plenty of water. The next step is to select an area that is not too far from the water’s edge and just above the high-tide line to ensure protection from tidal destruction. Once you have the ideal spot and type of sand, you can start building your sandcastle. Third, the secret to building a great sandcastle is a strong foundation. The bigger the base then the stronger your construction will be. Start by stacking sand with your shovel,

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