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Building a Camp Fire Building a fire is a simple art. With the proper set up and materials you should be able to ignite a fire with a single match. First you will need to find a safe location for your fire. Find a spot that is at least ten feet from tents, trees, roots and any flammable objects. Clear a circle about three feet in diameter on the ground by removing the grass and all other debris. You should end up with a circle of dirt. Next, you will need to gather materials. You will need matches and at least a few gallons of water. I recommend having as much water as you can bring, just in case the fire should get out of hand. You will also need three large handfuls of tinder. Tinder is a collection of dry pine needles, leaves, grass, paper, and thin tree bark. Also, you will need about thirty sticks for kindling. Kindling is a collection of small dry sticks about the size of a pen. Also, you will need about thirty sticks that are about an inch in diameter and about eight inches long. Finally, you will need at least four chunks of dry wood three to five inches in diameter and about twelve inches long. After you have gathered your materials you are ready to begin setting up your fire. Refer to figure one on page three as often as necessary to verify your set up is going as planned. Take a handful of tinder and roll it up into a ball that is a little bigger than a golf ball. Now set the tinder ball in the center of the dirt circle. Next, take the kindling and place about ten sticks around the tinder ball in the shape of a teepee by placing one end of each stick on the ground and leaning the other end over the tinder ball. Evenly space the kindling and set them up touching together over the tinder ball. You should have a small structure that looks like a teepee. Then, build a small cabin with the medium sticks around the teepee by

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