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Buffalo Wild Wings Essay

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Andrew Coots, McKenzie Hungtate, Kate O’Briant
Dr. Smart
Principles of Management
25 November 2012
Group Project on Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant chain that is centered on providing excellent food service and an ideal sports atmosphere.   The history of Buffalo Wild Wings starts in 1982 with two men by the names of Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery.   These two men moved from Buffalo, New York to Columbus, Ohio and opened up a restaurant called “Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck.”   When Disbrow and Lowery moved to Columbus, they realized there were no restaurants that served the New York style chicken wings they had grown used to.   They created their own sauce recipe that they loved, and everything started from there.   Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck was located right off of Ohio State University’s campus and it became an instant hit with the students in the area, and has since spread throughout the whole country and even internationally.   At the beginning of Disbrow and Lowery’s rapid growth, through a variety of franchise agreements, Buffalo Wild Wings was opening doors near college campus’s all over the Midwest.   The key concept was to provide a place where guest could not only watch sports games on a variety of different televisions but also get great wings and a wide variety of beer.
Within the first twelve years, the concept was able to grow to thirty-five locations, but like many entrepreneurs with expansion, the two founders began to run into some complications.   That is where Sally Smith stepped into the picture in 1994.   Smith came to Buffalo Wild wings as the Chief Financial Officer and established divisions in the company such as Accounting, Human Resources, and Finance and Marketing departments.   Two years after her entry into Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, Smith was named CEO.   As CEO she began working on the task of broadening the appeal of the restaurant through revising the name to Buffalo Wild Wings (dropping the “and Weck”),...

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