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Buffalo Bill original name is William Fredrick Cody. He was born on February 26, 1846, near Le Claire in Scotts County, Iowa. His father was Isaac Cody, and mother’s name was Mary. Cody’s first job was working for a freight train company as a messenger and wrangler. He soon began being a prospector at the Pikes Peak gold rush in 1859. At age 14, he joined the Pony Express; he fit exactly what the advertising position called for, “skinny, expert riders willing to risk death daily.” He got this job after his father was shot and killed, during a riot to make Kansas a free state. He was left man of the house as a young teenager, having to support his family. Buffalo Bill served in the American Civil War, and in 1867, he began what he is widely known for today, Buffalo Hunting. He started buffalo hunting to feed construction crew building railroads. The name “Buffalo Bill,” has stuck with him ever since and defined him. He did his own personal assessment of the number of buffalo he has killed in just over a year and a half, which was four thousand and eighty buffalo. In 1868, here turned to his work for the Army as a chief of scouts, which earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1873, which was stripped and then reinstated. He became a national folk hero, because of the dime novel that exploits his alter ego, “Buffalo Bill.” In 1872, he began trying out his showmen debut. He went to Chicago to become an actor in, “The Scouts of the Prairie,” which was an original Wild West show by Ned Butline, who was also the author of Buffalo Bill’s novels. The next ten years, he would travel with this show. In 1883, he founded his own show called, “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.” The show traveled for thirty years and to many places all over the United States and then later on to Europe. The show starred Annie Oakley, known for her amazing sharpshooting skills, and

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