Budget Critical Analysis

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Is the Rudd Government taking the Australian Economy in the right direction? Support your view. During the 2009 – 10 Budget night, labour presented Australia with 3 things in their federal Budget –nation building, jobs, and a path back to surplus. I believe the Rudd government is guiding Australia on a way back to surplus. The first of the government’s policies involves saving jobs and providing jobs for the Australian people through government funded National projects consisting of a budget of 22 billion in total. The National Building Infrastructure centre piece which is separated into $3.4 billion for roads, $4.6 billion for metro rail $389 million for port and freight infrastructure. These projects will about to provide the economy with larger quantities of jobs of every level. Next to construction of $4.5 billion for the Clean Energy Initiative which already contain a sum of $1.0 billion existing fund, $2.6 billion in Education and $3.2 billion in Health Care. The government is able to take actions and the initiative on Clean Energy Initiative. Cleaner Energy means higher cost. As the comparison between solar energy and burning burb has a huge margin and efficiency in providing electricity in larger quantities, The $4.5 billion investment will see Australia through a door which will help both the Australian economy and everyday Australia households step into a world of clean energy abut hurting the people and the businesses financially. The Education Investment Fund is made up of $2.6 billion which focuses projects on universities and researches. Most of the population in Australia has a high school or higher education degree. This means that Australia workforce is a highly skilled workforce. However, in certain areas such as medicine, doctors from overseas, such as India is still being hired in a hospital where a local doctor could
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