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Budget Assessment Tool LaTonya Lee NURS 4703 University of Arkansas – Fort Smith College of Health Sciences Carolyn McKelvey Moore School of Nursing NURS 4303 Leadership and Management Assessment of Budget Process I interviewed the office manager and director of nursing to get an understanding of the home health agency’s buget process. The director of nursing, Sarah Saxon and the office manager, Erica McCarthy both declined to allow me to see the actual numbers and figures contained in the company’s budget. They both said that it varies from month to month and they didn’t feel comfortable sharing that type of information for a school paper. They did, however provide a ballpark figure of what certain medical supplies cost for my…show more content…
Describe the involvement of the staff nurses in the budgetary process? The staff nurses at Care IV have little to no involvement in the budgetary process at CareIV. 7. Describe the role of the staff nurses in cost containment. Be specific. Staff nurses at Care IV contain costs by utilizing any and all patient care supplies in the most efficient way possible. Supplies are provided through a durable medical equipment supply company on a monthly basis. These supplies are paid for by Medicaid, private insurance or the client. Nurses are encouraged to use supplies sparingly to save costs. 8. Identify the 10 most frequently used supplies on the unit. What is the cost of each and the charge to the patient? The ten most frequently used supplies in the client’s home are: 1.)Gloves $45/per case 2.) Tracheostomy care kits$72 per case 3.) Tracheostomy Suction Kits $85 per case 4.) Foley Catheter Insertion Trays $96 per case 5.) Intermittent Foley Catheters $220 per case 6.) Disposable underpads $39.50 per box 6.) Adult Disposable Diapers $56 per case 7.) Single Cannula Cuffed Tracheostomy tube $85/each 8.) Drain Sponges $85 per case 9.)Ventilator Circuits $3/3ach 10.) Heat and Moisture Exchanger $100 per…show more content…
How are charges captured on the unit? Is this system efficient? Why or why not? The charges are set according to patient diagnosis codes. The insurance companies and Medicaid have a set allowable charge for nursing care and supplies. The system is efficient but some clients need more supplies than the allowable billing amount and it leaves the client to make up for the difference. References McCarty, E. (2012, February 20). Interview by LL Lee [Personal Interview]. Budget assessment. , Fayetteville, Arkansas. Saxon, S. (2012, February 20). Interview by LL Lee [Personal Interview]. Budget assessment. , Fayetteville,

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