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1. Why do you think Coe’s was successful in United States? Could they translate its strategy to Mexico and succeed? Justify why. Based on the case study, Coe’s has opened at least 1,000 stores and their strengths are showed in many situations. For the example is at the early paragraph where Aubrey the store manager of Coe’s in South Tuscan tell the CEO that they already have over 100 customers even though just open less than a month. Its shows that Coe’s company is already well-known in local market. Besides that, have good staff also one of the strengths of the company. It can be seen how Aubrey fostered immediate trust with their customers and from the conversation Stan with Carmen at Circle K about she get everything furniture from Coe’s services.. Coe does also have strength in systems of service. Being always emphasized ownership make their different from the other competitors in the same industry such as Mr. Rental. Coe's offered a monthly payment schedule and a shorter contract period (12 months versus four or five years), which meant higher fees each month but a lower cost of the eventual purchase. More than half of its customers became owners by the end of their leases compared with 25% for Mr. Rental. Coe’s managers also have been trained to approve agreements only for people who could afford. However Coe’s can translate same strategy to Mexico and many of the advantages expand to Mexico than the disadvantages. Coe’s already have someone that can handle be the store manager there. Aubrey is willing to go down and train the staff at Mexico. He also knows speak Spanish and his wife was Mexican. So finding the right personnel problem like what they have faced and failed due a venture into Puerto Rico a few years before already solve. Coe’s services already known by the people in Mexico so they already can create demand before enter the market. Its show

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