Buddhist Religion Symbols

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In our modern society we have been blessed with many religions and religious symbols that have gotten people though rough times. While there are many religious symbols, I would be speaking mainly of Buddhist religious symbols in this paper. Buddhism was started in India around sixth century BCE, while there are many speculations of its starting date, science has shown that there have been no artifacts that can place buddhism prior to third century BCE. Ever since the creation of Buddhism there have been dozens of symbols that can be related to the religion. One of the first symbols that I want to talk about is the Eight Spoke Wheels or “Dharmachakra”. The Eight Spoke Wheels first represents the eight-folds of noble paths that Buddha followed towards enlightenment. Another explanation would be buddhas teaching in eight steps, setting in a new cycle for the course of destiny. Another symbol that has close relations with the eight spoke wheels is the Bodhi Tree. The Bodhi Tree is one of the most iconic symbol of the Buddhist religion. While many people know that it has a close relation with this religion not many knows the actual meaning and symbology of this. The Bodhi Tree is a very important meaning because it was where Buddha reached the enlightenment. Under the Bodhi tree is symbolic towards peace and meditation, it is where you can achieve something greater than your belief. One of the last symbolism that I shall be talking about that has a direct relation with Buddha is the begging bowl. The begging bowl shows great symbolism with Buddhism teaching and Buddha’s life itself. The begging bowl is basically a bowl monks use to gather food and any other charitable assets they get from the community. It symbolizes the un-desire for wants. The begging bowl also symbolizes as a mediocrity, something you need only to survive nothing more and nothing less. Another

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