Buddhist Psychology Essay

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First Paper Eshian Tang PSYC 658 Buddhist Psychology II February 18, 2013 First Paper The First Noble Truth is about suffering. “The inescapable truth that existence entails suffering.” (Kornfield, 2009, pp.241) There are different kinds of suffering. The first kind of suffering is suffering of suffering. It includes the suffering of birth, aging, sickness, death and coming across what is not desirable. This suffering is different from pain. Pain is unavoidable; pain is a natural phenomenon. However, if we refuse to experience pain as it is, there comes suffering. The second kind of suffering is suffering of impermanence. We want to find security and happiness, want to hold onto something. However, things are always changing. Once we realize that there is nothing solid that we can hold onto, we feel suffering. The third kind of suffering is all-pervasive suffering. We think there is an ego and we cling to it. We experience dissatisfaction and pain continuously. First Noble Truth Notice how each particle moves. Notice how everyone has just arrived here from a journey. Notice how each wants a different food. Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up, and how all streams stream toward the ocean. (Rumi, 1997, p.7) As long as I’m typing this, my stomach is uncomfortable and I hope it could become better. There are always dissatisfaction and pain, no matter when we eat, sleep, work, play or whatever we do. Usually, we don’t want to experience this kind of uncomfortable feelings. Just like there are four seasons in the nature, there are birth, aging, sickness and death in our human being’s life. No one can escape from it. It is happening everywhere on this planet, from moment to moment. “On a very basic level all beings think that they should be happy. When life becomes difficult or painful, we feel that something

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