Buddhist Funeral Essay

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Mandatory Military Service to Recieve Federal Student Aid I personally would have to agree with changing the federal financial aid for education policy from everyone can apply and receive this to allow only the people who have done military service be eligible for federal student aid. And the reasoning for this is to help discipline our youth, become a larger, stronger military and it may help our economy through the discipline people have endured. The way I see it, if you can rough out the time your in the military, there won’t be a job you wouldn’t be able to handle. In this argument I will try to cover most of the areas involving mandatory military to receive federal student aid for both able-bodied and challenged people and some of the benefits involved. Also some examples of countries and they’re governments that have been using mandatory service and some points on how it could affect us as Americans if we were to implement mandatory military service. People with disabilities not being able to enter the military would not be effect in the aspect of being eligible for federal student aid or they’re financial situations while in school. There are already federal aids offered to them through the government. In order for mentally or physically challenged people to receive student aid being not that they are able to enter the military already have certain student aid implemented already for them. The NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship for Students with Disabilities will provide up to five years of support for research training leading to the Ph.D. (or equivalent research degree), or the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree (or other combined professional research doctoral degrees) in the biomedical or behavioral sciences. The intent of this Predoctoral Fellowship Program is to encourage students with disabilities to seek graduate degrees and thus further the goal of increasing

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