Buddhism vs Christianity

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Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity Christianity and Buddhism are two very different religions, yet they compare and contrast greatly. Christianity which means “Follower of Christ” has an estimated 2 billion followers. Buddhism meaning “Follower of Buddha” on the other hand has an estimated 376 million followers. Aside from the difference of followers, both religions have shaped cultures and influenced many people around the world with origins, custom and beliefs, even though they were found at different time periods. Christianity was found in Judea (Present day Israel), around 30 A.D, with Jesus Christ and his faithful disciples. Buddhism was founded around 460 B.C, by a prince Siddhartha Gautama, who left his kingdom and searched for the four noble truths. The goals of the religion differ, where Christianity’s main goal is to gain eternal salvation in heaven; Buddhism goals strive for enlightenment and nirvana. Besides goals and history, rituals and practices are different as well, with Christianity they practice baptism, Communion, numerous holidays and church on Sundays; Buddhism sides with more meditation and the devotion of deities in a temple. The two religions believe in life after death in some form of way; Buddhism teaches that life continues in a repetitive life cycle, known as reincarnation. In Christianity they believe that you only have one life on earth and after that you go to heaven or hell for eternity. Both preach that you should behave good and do good to others in order to achieve this Nirvana or entrance into heaven. These types of beliefs and customs serve a purpose throughout history since they teach people morals and give them guidelines on how to live their life, but also to teach hope and give comfort. So people don’t just believe they die and rot, but that they have an afterlife to look forward to. Other purposes for
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