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Question 1- Buddhism outline the Buddhist practice of puja, in the home Puja is a practice of personal devotion, it involves adherents offering various items, symbolic of their faith in order to gain merit or develop a good karma. They ask for direction and guidance off the Buddha to try and embody the same qualities and attitudes he had on his path to enlightenment. Ultimately home puja involves meditation based around the principle of self forgiveness in order to reach enlightenment. Often there will be a small shrine in the home, where this puja can be practiced with an image or statue of Buddha Central, reminding them of his perfection. The offerings have meaning for example the candle symbolises wisdom in the light of ignorance, and incense reminding them to have sweet actions Using examples, describe how the scared texts of Buddhism demonstrates the principle beliefs of Buddhism The Pali Canon, the scriptures of the Theravada Hinayana tradition, is known as the ‘Tipitaka’ or Three Baskets. It is a common sacred text amongst all Buddhist variants. It contains the vinaya, sutta and Abhidhamma pitaka. The Vinaya pitaka is basically a set of disciplinary rules for the Buddhist Sangha. The way in which these rules came about. Monks, for example, should not eat after midday. It is based on the principle of karma and promotes right action. The Sutta pitaka is mainly a collection of sermons spoken by the Buddha, it is inextricably linked to the four noble truths, life has suffering caused by desire and the cure is to overcome desire, thus reaching nirvana. The eight fold outlines the way in which one can over come desire to reach nirvana. And The Abhidhamma explain the nature of reality. Discuss the historical and cultural context in which Buddhism began The religion of Buddhism had its beginnings in northern India. The cultural context is the way

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