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302I 12/3/13 Buddhism in America The United States is a country where many people have migrated and brought their traditions and culture with them. In fact, many of the religions brought to America have been by immigrants and their role of fostering ethnic communities. For instance, one of most common and growing religion in America has been Buddhism, “an ethnic faith sustained by Chinese and Japanese immigrants” (Smith, 2006). It all started in 1893 when an event in the acceptance of Buddhism in America was held in Chicago bringing together representatives from Christian denominators and Asian religions, being one of the first national public presentations of Buddhism. The event, which took place over 100 years ago, helped to spark…show more content…
Also, the ABC nightly news channel reported that the Buddhist population in the United States was of about four to six million individuals; 75 to 80% of Asian descent who had inherited Buddhism as a family tradition, and the other 20 to 25% were American converts (Nakasone, 2007). Most of the East Asian migrants who arrived in the 19th century to the United States make up the Buddhist population. Even though immigration is important to the expansion of religion, conversion to Buddhism also plays a big role in the growth of religion. Many Americans seem attracted to the ideas of Buddhism even when the number of Buddhist converts is limited. One of the main reasons why Buddhism is being successful is because of the fact that the religion is not tied to a certain ethnicity, the article of Buddhism in America…show more content…
The growth of American Buddhism keeps growing and expanding rapidly as the years pass by and even though much of the contribution for its growth has been from immigrants coming to this country, today there are many American converts that are believing and getting involved in the religion. Works Cited Cadge, Wendy. “Reflections on Habits, Buddhism in America, and Religious Individualism.” Sociology of Religion. 68.2 (2007) Print. Cadge, Wendy., Sangdhanoo, Sidhorn. “Thai Buddhism in America: an historical and Contemporary Overview.” Contemporary Buddhism. 6.1 (2005): Print. Foley, G. Kathleen. “Buddhism, Hospice, and the American way of Dying.” Review of Religious Research. 44.4 (2003): 341-343. Print. Nakasone, Y. Ronald. “Eye on Religion: Buddhism.” Special Section: Spirituality/ Medicine Interface Project. (2007). Print. Smith G. Buster. “Buddhism in America.” Contemporary Buddhism. 7.2 (2006): Routledge.

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