Buddhism And Daoism Comparison Essay

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arisson essay Nathnael – Asfaw From 8000 B.C.E to 6000 C.E social order has varied in different ways of life such as Buddhism and Daoism. Buddhism and Daoism have many similarities with some differences. The social order similarity between Buddhism and Daoism is that they both believe in some type of reincarnation. The similarity in social order between them is that they bothe have religious leaders such as the Dali lama in Daoism and for Buddhism Buddha. These two ways of life originated in two different parts of the world Buddhism started in northern India and Daoism started in China One major difference between Taoism and Buddhism is the concept of karma to the Buddhist. Although they both believe in reincarnation they have different views towards it. This idea that all actions are the display of thought, the will of man, is known as karma. Karma determines the Buddhist actions and position in life. A person's karma limits the goals which can be achieved. Karma…show more content…
The Daoism Yin and Yang stands for balance between genders and balance between natures. The Yang stands for the men. The Yin stands for passiveness, illustrating the Daoist believe that women play a massive role in their society. Buddhism also believer that women and men are equal Buddha accepts all women and men from all ranks of society. The only gender different might be that Buddhism had nuns and monks but they apply to making sure nuns are getting a chance to move up and take full vows is being worked and problems are being re-evaluated, with His Holiness the Dali Lama working diligently to assure equality is being met. In Buddhism men and women are different, so the Buddha laid out different guidelines and monastic rules accordingly. In terms of the philosophy behind Buddhism, men and women are considered equals, this is similar to Daoism because they also said yang stands for the men and yin stands for the
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