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BuSofia Sanchez McCormick English 120 Buddhism 9/21/10 Buddhism Jorge Luis Borges is a blind author who wrote the book Seven Nights. Seven Nights is a book that contains several different essays about his beliefs. It is referring to seven lectures that he gave at night. Buddhism was considered the fourth night. He writes because he wants to express his feelings and give the world a view on life from a different perspective. Buddhism is an essay that is based on the teachings and his beliefs of the religion. Borges believes that there are two important causes to explain the longevity of Buddhism. The first one is the tolerance of Buddhism. He was explaining how Buddhists were never ones to be extremely persuasive about their religion. In my opinion, Borges believed that Buddhists were always very confident with their religion which is a reason why they never forced their beliefs on anyone. The second cause is that Buddhism requires a great deal of faith. He points out that all religion really is, “is an act of faith”. To be a true Buddhist is to really feel the religion deep in your soul not just know it by heart. Anyone can be a Buddhist if all it takes is to simply know the general basis of it and have an understanding of it. In order to be a firm believer in anything, yes, you must understand it but you also need to truly feel it within. If you doubt the Buddha, Borges says “It is one of the doubts that must be imposed on oneself in order to arrive at the truth”. This signifies that an individual must not believe in the existence of Buddha in order to be truthful with oneself. He believes that knowing the history of Buddhism is not imperative, but what is, is to believe in and follow the Teachings. The different religions have different views on Buddhism. For example, the French have studied the legend of the Buddha and they believe

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