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Buddhism in India began with the life of a prince from the Shakya Kingdom in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal name Siddharta Gautama. The impact of Buudha’s teaching was the most important thing that has ever happened to india, and Siddharta started it all in a very fascinating way. Siddharta Gautama’s father, Suddhadana, was the head of the Sakya tribe and a member of the clan of Gautama. At age 29, Siddharta realized that being a prince or a king would never bring him true happiness so he renounced his family to start a new life with a spiritual journey of abstinence and contemplation. After six years when his spiritual journey had failed at making him happy and at peace, he sat under a ficus tree and meditated until he reached enlightenment or bodhi (An awakening). Siddharta then gave a lecture to five holly men about what he had done to reach enlightenment and how to get there. Those five holly men understood immediately and became his disciples. After giving that speech, he became known as Buddha which means “Awakened One” in Sanskrit. For the next 45 year the five holly men and the Buddha traveled from place to place spreading the Dharma (his teachings). At age 80 the Buddha died. From what, no one really knows, some say food poisoning from a pork or mushroom dish cooked by a blacksmith for the Buddha, but his body was cremated and his bones and teeth were sent to tribes all across India and became objects of worship. Buddhas followers were encouraged also to renounce secular life and become monks, spreading Buddhism beyond the subcontinent. The Dharma was made by Buddha for people not only in india but for people all over the world to put an end to suffering and be happy. To be vegan or vegetarian meant to not harm other forms of life. He also believed that everything changes, Dinosaurs ones rommed the earth and now humans do. The law of

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