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302I 12/3/13 Buddhism in America The United States is a country where many people have migrated and brought their traditions and culture with them. In fact, many of the religions brought to America have been by immigrants and their role of fostering ethnic communities. For instance, one of most common and growing religion in America has been Buddhism, “an ethnic faith sustained by Chinese and Japanese immigrants” (Smith, 2006). It all started in 1893 when an event in the acceptance of Buddhism in America was held in Chicago bringing together representatives from Christian denominators and Asian religions, being one of the first national public presentations of Buddhism. The event, which took place over 100 years ago, helped to spark the interest in Buddhism in people other than the immigrant population and led to the spread of the religion across America (Smith, 2006). Through different Buddhist organizations, Buddhist teachers, and Buddhist forms of meditation being taught from Christian churches to gyms among others, one is able to conclude that the Buddhism religion is growing in America. In fact, Buddhism has been concluded to be a part of the American culture and to have already put down deep roots in the United States. (Cadge, 2007). “The increasing presence of Buddhist images from billboards to car commercials suggests that Buddhism has established itself in American culture” (Foley). To continue, In The Eye on Religion: Buddhism article, it states how the US census Bureau, statistical abstract in the United States estimated in the year of 2006 about 1,082,000 Buddhists in the United States. Also, the ABC nightly news channel reported that the Buddhist population in the United States was of about four to six million individuals; 75 to 80% of Asian descent who had inherited Buddhism as a family tradition, and the other 20 to 25% were American converts

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