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Htet Pye Buddhism Professor Chapple Presentation Paper, Group Six A trip to Venice Hongwangji Buddhist Temple Venice Hongwangji Buddhist temple is the 61st member of the Buddhist Churches of America , located in 12371 Braddock Dr ,Culver City, CA 90230. The temple is 50 years old, and was opened in 1962 . Buddhist activities in the region began in early 1930s with services being held in private Japanese homes. In 1962, the temple was founded as a missionary project of the Los Angeles Betsuin. The temple’s belief and faith is based on Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, which was founded approximately 700 years ago by Shinran Shonin. Jodo Shinshu is a Pure Land Buddhism, which is the broad branch of Mahayana Buddhism and focused on Amida Buddha. [1] The majority members of Venice Hongwangji Buddhist temple are Japanese Americans, and a few Caucasian Americans. They held Dharma School Morning Service every Sunday at the temple. Before the service began, the participants lined up and bow the large incense burner in the outer area and offer some money. This practice is called oshoko and can be done by anyone who comes to the service. Before entering the service room, all the participants has to bow to Amida Buddha to pay respect and appreciation of Amida Buddha. The service began with a chant of the Sanbutsu-ge, the Gatha of Praising the Virtues of Amida Buddha. The bench seats are provided for the participants, and the seats give an impression that the Temple indeed looks like a Christian Church. The service books are provided at the seat and used during the chants, which again makes the experience more like a Christian Church. The chants are lead by a Reverend, not monk. The Venice Hongwangji Buddhist temple is 61st member of Buddhist Churches of America. The B.C.A. is headquartered in San Francisco and represents the Jodo Shinshu temples throughout the Continental

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